Fluotics Announces Debut of Agilent Compatible Pre-Sterile Robotic Tips

August 06, 2009

NEW YORK, NY  – Fluotics, Ltd., a life sciences company specializing in robotic tip consumables for drug discovery, announced the debut of their pre-sterile format Agilent™ (formerly Velocity11™) VPrep®/Bravo® compatible robotic pipette tips.


“Fluotics is excited to expand our product line with pre-sterile robotic pipet tips.” said Charles Ko, Fluotics Director of Sales. “With the new robotic tip product we can widen our customer base to include those with cell-based and viral discovery programs.”


The addition of the Agilent™ Vprep®/Bravo® compatible 10 uL (P10) and 30 uL (P30) sterile robotic tips expands the addressable applications for researchers with compatible liquid handlers (e.g. VPrep®/Bravo®). Made of virgin polypropylene and no releasing agents, these robotic pipette tips are e-beam sterilized and certified RNase/DNase free. Fluotics puts all their products through a stringent quality control process to ensure only the highest quality product is delivered to the end user.    


Fluotics, Ltd. formed in 2002 is a semiconductor and microelectronics design and manufacturing company. Fluotics, Ltd. is headquartered in New York, NY and is best known for their robotic pipet tips compatible with Agilent® and Beckman® liquid handlers. Their products are sold directly to customers in the US and abroad.




Fluotics, Ltd.

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